75+ years of teaching excellence.

75+ Years of teaching excellence.


The Brother Jerome Foundation

The Presentation College Past Students Association (PCPSA) established the Brother Jerome Foundation, as a non-profit company limited by guarantee, under The Companies Act, 1995. The major objective of the Foundation is ‘to provide financial and other assistance to needy secondary school students and to make contributions to capital projects in the College’. It is intended that the Foundation remain under the direction of the Presentation College Past Students Association.


The Foundation has, over the years, provided much-needed assistance to several students of the College with the purchase of books, uniforms, shoes, glasses as well as dental work and travelling money. The Foundation has, also, made significant contributions towards several capital projects, including the audio-visual systems, classroom air-conditioning, the College Bus and, most recently, the Union Hall Redevelopment Project The Foundation gets its funding from the generous contributions of individuals and corporate organisations. The major fundraiser for the Foundation is the Annual Awards and Dinner at which we honour our Past Student of the Year.


The PCPSA is of the view that prominent past students of sound character and impeccable integrity should serve as Directors of the Foundation. This, the Association believes, will greatly facilitate the fund-raising capability of the Foundation and thereby enable the Foundation to better execute its charitable objectives.


The current members of the Board of Directors of the Foundation are as follows:


Mr. Joel Edwards (Chairman), Mr. Imtiaz Ahamad (Vice-Chairman), Mr. Anthony Sookdeo, (Treasurer), Mr. Ryan Chaitram (Secretary) and Directors Justice Nolan Bereaux, Steven Samlalsingh, Dwight Mahabir, Paul Traboulay, Nigel Romano, Craig Branker and Dexter Mitchell.


The Foundation is keenly aware of the high degree of need that exists among some of the students of Presentation College, San Fernando and the other schools throughout Trinidad and Tobago and expects that the Brother Jerome Foundation will be a major weapon in addressing these needs.


The Board of Directors of the Foundation has been meeting regularly and has established several Committees through which the work of the Foundation will be executed. The Foundation will soon be embarking on a major fundraising campaign; the intention is to raise a significant sum of money which will be invested, with the interest being used to fund the needs of the Foundation while keeping the capital sum intact.

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