75+ years of teaching excellence.

75+ Years of teaching excellence.

Prestige Fete

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How it all Started :

In September 2010, Pres United submitted a proposal, in response to a public invitation issued by SMAC (chaired by Joel Edwards), to manage Union Hall.

PU members included PREStige founders Steven Samlalsingh and Michael Toney and Inaugural PREStige board members Mark Mungal and Barry Rajpaul.

The proposal included, as an Income stream, a fete, rePRESent.

In December 2010 discussions were held amongst PSA members and some interested old boys to hold a semi-inclusive fete. It was eventually decided that the all-inclusive formula be adopted and an event management company Dos Piece Entertainment was engaged.

Very Hight Standards & Quality

Why We Do It...??

What's Next ??

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