75+ years of teaching excellence.

75+ Years of teaching excellence.

Assembly: Small Goal tournament

Assembly: Small Goal tournament


Football Small Goal Tournament Rules

  • Briefing at 12:30pm, Kick-off at 1:00pm. Games run untill 4:30pm
  • Games are 5 a side small goal
  • Minimum 5 players per team, no maximum player limit
  • Unlimted substitutions, subs are allowed to return to the game
  • 20 (10 + 10 min) games
  • No Skate Tackles
  • Any style throw ins, once both hands are on the ball and both feet are on the ground
  • Group winners decided by points, then Goal Difference, Goals Scored, Head to Head, and coin toss (in that order)
  • Teams must have two colours, a designated referee, a match ball, and proper footwear (soggy ground requires studs)
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